Hide-a-Hose: Innovative Hose Storage Solutions

Hide-A-Hose: A Central Vacuum Retractable Hose System

We are excited to offer the revolutionary Hide-A-Hose Vacuum System
Hide-a-Hose offers innovative hose storage solutions that revolutionize the way you manage hoses in your space
Never again have to manually coil and put away an electrical cord or vacuum hose when using this common-sense solution.
Can be installed in most homes at any time, and can be retrofitted into homes that already have a central vac by installing a new wall plate and piping.
Hide-A-Hose is available in 30, 40, 50, and 60 foot lengths. A 50 foot hose covers nearly 2,300 sq. ft. That’s a convenience on a wide scale!
Watch this video to learn more or give us a call today!
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